Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court

with Tim Crothers

      Dean Smith: "He's the finest college basketball coach in the country. His story from a small town in North Carolina to successfully running two of the sport's premier programs, is one that everyone who dares to dream should richly enjoy."
      Michael Jordan: "Coach Williams' life story is all-out inspiring!"
      John Wooden: "When you look at his career, there are few people who could better explain the value of Hard Work than Coach Williams. He is the opitome of the phrase, and this book will tell many who thought he was the product of good fortune that it was work that made him the success that he has become."
      Dick Vitale: "Roy Williams is a genuine, solid-gold Hall of Famer. His enthusiasm and passion for college basketball is exceptional. And every fan will want to read his insights on building championship teams."
      One of the most respected and successful basketball coaches in the nation, Coach Roy Williams traveled an unlikely path to a career that boasts the highest winning percentage among all active college coaches. Now, for the first time, he tells the story of his life, from his turbulent childhood to the North Carolina Tar Heels' 2009 national championship season. In Hard Work, Williams reveals the determination that took him from the humblest of beginnings to the pinnacle of coaching success, sharing his story because he believes that anyone can be inspired by its message: hard work really can make dreams come true.

Also available in Kindle and Audio CD edition.
Roy Williams: Hard Work
Dean Smith: The Carolina Way
The Carolina Way: Leadership Lessons From a Life in Coaching

and Gerald D. Bell, Ph.D.   with John Kilgo

      Dean Smith: "Basketball is a beautiful game when the five players on the court play with one heartbeat. Passing, screening, cutting, and movement away from the ball: The game can be almost balletic in its grace and simplicity. A team can accomplish great things when the individual members don't worry about who gets credit." (p.142)
      Roy Williams: "Dean Smith is the greatest on-the-court basketball coach there ever was.... He coached in what might be the most pressurized position in all college basketball for thirty-six years, won 78 percent of his games, graduated more than 96 percent of his players, and never ran afoul of the many NCAA rules and regulations." (pp.ix,xii)
      In his wry, sensible, wise, and modest way, Dean Smith takes the reader through every aspect of his program, illustrating his insights with vivid stories. Accompanying each major point is a Player Perspective from a former North Carolina basketball star and an in-depth Business Perspective developing some of the wider management applications of Coach Smith's precepts from Dr. Gerald Bell, a world-renowned leadership consultant and a professor at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Also available in Hardcover and Audio CD edition.
A Coach's Life: My Forty Years in College Basketball

with John Kilgo & Sally Jenkins

      On October 9, 1997, Dean Smith announced his retirement after 36 seasons as Head Basketball Coach at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He left as the winningest coach in college basketball history, amassing an astounding 879 career victories, along with 11 Final Four appearances, two national titles (1982 and 1993), and an NCAA-record 27 straight 20-win seasons. His teams have finished in the top three of the Atlantic Coast Conference for a record 33 straight seasons, including his last season's second-place mark after a first-ever 0-3 league start. These are extraordinary feats, made all the moreso when it is noted that he did it all at one school.
      He is sorely missed. He transformed the game of college basketball, he was victorious beyond all reasonable expectations, and he did it all while maintaining an honesty and integrity that molded the lives of his scholar athletes and inspired all of us who watched from the bleachers. Legendary former UCLA coach John Wooden said of Dean Smith, "In my opinion, he's the best teacher of basketball I've ever seen."
      To us Tar Heel fans and alumni, Dean is just the best.
--Grover Proctor

Also available in Kindle Hardcover and Audio Cassette edition.
Dean Smith: A Coach's Life
NCAA Men's Basketball Champsionship DVDs
2009 NCAA Basketball Championship DVD

2005 NCAA Basketball Championship DVD

1993 NCAA Basketball Championship DVD

Adam Lucas: One Fantastic Ride

One Fantastic Ride


In the summer of 2005, five freshmen came to Chapel Hill. Little was expected of them at first; four years later, they left Carolina as the most decorated senior class in UNC history, winning the school's fifth NCAA basketball championship in 2009. This book serves as the capstone for a senior class that has represented the quintessential Carolina Basketball experience, not only in their success on the court but their approach to life off it. The book also includes sidebars by key figures in the history of the program, including Dean Smith, Michael Jordan, Phil Ford, and Woody Durham.
Lucas/Kirschner/Bowers: Led By Their Dreams

Led By Their Dreams


At the start of the 2005 season, the North Carolina Tar Heels were a talented yet dysfunctional team made up of gifted yet unfocused athletes. Head coach Roy Williams had his work cut out for him: to piece the team back together and inspire the players to use their adversity as the surest path to victory. On April 4, 2005, Carolina defeated Illinois in the championship finals. "How else could it have ended?" reflected forward Jawad Williams. "We've been the lowest and now we're the highest."
Adam Lucas: The Best Game EverD

The Best Game Ever


The 1956-57 North Carolina Tar Heels started the season as a group of basketball transplants at a football school. They ended the season as one of the most famous teams in college basketball history. Throughout the miraculous run, All-America Lennie Rosenbluth announced in every post-game locker room how many games were left in the undefeated season. Before his prediction could come to fruition, the Tar Heels had to survive the most intense Final Four ever. Carolina needed triple overtime against Michigan State and triple overtime against the legendary Wilt Chamberlain's Kansas squad. That game was The Best Game Ever. And they might have been the best team ever.
Adam Lucas: Going Home Again

Going Home Again


As he traveled across the state of North Carolina in the summer of 2003, Roy Williams delivered a repetitive refrain to the thousands of UNC basketball fans who packed his public appearances: "Ol' Roy ain't that good." Carolina fans didn't care to hear it, because they firmly believed that ol' Roy was, indeed, more than good-- he was great. Going Home Again is the story of Williams' first season as North Carolina's head basketball coach, a rare glimpse into the inner workings of one of the country's most secretive college sports dynasties.

Ken Rosenthal: Dean Smith-A Tribute

Dean Smith: A Tribute


An Award winning sportswriter for the Baltimore Sun, Ken Rosenthal has sought out hundreds of players, coaches, media and fans who have been associated with Dean Smith, North Carolina's legendary coach. Dean Smith: A Tribute is a complete work of recollections from the people who knew the Dean of College Basketball. The legendary Michael Jordan headlines the list of notables who have shared funny, informative stories with the author.
Michael Jordan to the Max

Michael Jordan
to the Max

The greatest basketball player of all time gets an appropriate clip reel in this 45-minute documentary, which was originally released in the IMAX format. While you can't simulate IMAX's 80-foot-high screen in your living room, you can still get the thrills and awe-inspiring footage of this tribute to one man's talent and endurance. With great behind-the-scenes footage and terrific game material, the film gets close to Jordan in practice and on the court. In the end it's all about the highlights-- and Jordan's career was one long one.
Dean Smith: Multiple Offense and Defense

Multiple Offense and Defense


This book is a brilliant distillation of the game, the coaching blueprint and philosophy of arguably the most innovative and creative coach ever. The reader will learn the thoughts, insights, techniques, and strategies that guided the University of North Carolina to victory after victory over a span of thirty years. This book is timeless, tested, and proven to be the playbook of a winning coach.

David Scott: Quotable Dean Smith

Quotable Dean Smith


This book, which describes itself as "words of insight, inspiration, and intense preparation by and about Dean Smith, the Dean of college basketball," features more than 250 memorable quotes by and about legendary University of North Carolina basketball coach.
Barry Jacobs: The World According to Dean

The World According to Dean


Dean Smith's numbers speak for themselves: head basketball coach at North Carolina for 36 seasons, he posted 879 victories, 27 NCAA bids, 11 Final Four appearances, and two national championships. The World According to Dean collects several decades of Smithiana, catalogues his mots, adds a host of photos and a Smith chronology, borders the pages in Carolina blue, and then pretty much lets it all speak for itself--loudly, smartly, and, when necessary, pithily.
Art Chansky: Light Blue Reign

Light Blue Reign


The 2009–10 NCAA college basketball season marks the 100th anniversary of North Carolina basketball. The Tar Heels have earned top-five rankings in preseason polls four of the last five years, twice at #1. Light Blue Reign documents the building of a program, a behind-the-scenes, far-reaching, wide-angle perspective on one of the most formidable college basketball teams in the country, using first-hand accounts from people who were present during the fifty-year dynasty to construct an intimate, detailed narrative of what it was like to play and work for the three Hall of Fame coaches who defined this era of success.

Art Chanskky: Dean's Domain

Dean's Domain


In 1961 a thirty-year-old, soft-spoken coach took over a basketball program that had been rocked by accusations and internal concerns regarding recruiting violations and the image of the team. By the time he retired, Dean Smith had won nearly 80 percent of his games, finished first in the Atlantic Coast Conference 17 times, won 12 ACC Tournament titles, one Olympic gold medal, an NIT trophy, and two NCAA championships. Among the athletes he has put on the court are players named Jordan, Stackhouse, Worthy, Perkins, and Wallace-- no fewer than 24 NBA first-round draft choices. And the Dean Smith story-- a story of competition, compassion, and basketball genius &md is a saga unfolding today: a legend of American sports.
Art Chansky: The Dean's List

The Dean's List


If UNC basketball is something of a religion in North Carolina-- and it is-- longtime coach Dean Smith is certainly its patron saint. The Dean's List (with the Carolina-blue trim on its nicely illustrated pages and a foreword by Michael Jordan, the greatest Tar Heel of them all) is more than just the celebration its title implies; it is an illustrated bible of a college basketball dynasty. It is an honest, if affectionate, history of a remarkable program, and the icon who brought innovation to the game and inspiration to his players.
Art Chansky: Blue Blood

Blue Blood


For fifty years the rivalry between Duke and Carolina has featured famous brawls, endless controversy, long-nurtured hatred-- and some of the best basketball ever played in the history of the sport. For Duke and UNC players and fans, the competition is not about winning a prize, trophy or title-- it's about bragging rights and raw pride. Blue Blood is a thrilling chronicle of the Duke-Carolina rivalry as it has evolved over the last fifty years. Detailing the colorful, revered, and respected rivalry-- for the first time ever-- it celebrates the history of this rivalry, the traditions, the heritage, and, most importantly-- spectacular basketball.

Will Blythe: To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever

To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever


This book is a revelation, about family and passion and people and parents and aging and, oh, yeah, some sports, too. The author is a native North Carolinan whose UNC passion was bred in the bone; he and his siblings were raised to be genteel and polite about all things, except while watching basketball games, particularly against arch-rival Duke. To call To Hate Like This a sports book is to be only about one-third right. An elegy to place and time and generation, it is also a story of fathers and sons and an elegant testament to the way pastimes are far more than ways to pass the time.

Beat Duke

Beat Duke

Located only eight miles apart, the North Carolina vs. Duke rivalry is considered one of the most intense in all of sports. Battling it out at least twice a year since 1920, no matter the rankings, no matter the records, the Tar Heels are focused on one thing-- BEAT DUKE! This 3-DVD set contains three complete games:

    March 3, 1984 at Chapel Hill
        UNC 96 Duke 83 (2OT)

    February 5, 1992 at Chapel Hill
        UNC 75 Duke 73

    February 2, 1995 at Durham
        UNC 102 Duke 100 (2OT).
Legends in Blue

Legends in Blue: A Celebration of the 1982 National Championship

Re-live the 1982 National Championship with a retrospective of the 1981-1982 Carolina Basketball Team. Legends in Blue captures the dramatic highlights, championship-winning plays and current interviews with Tar Heel players and coaches in a look back at the 1982 college basketball championship. Led by Hall of Fame coach Dean Smith, All-Americas James Worthy and Sam Perkins, and a freshman phenom named Michael Jordan, Carolina went 32-2, won the school?s first national title in 25 years and staked claim as one of the greatest basketball teams in history!
Jimmy Black's Tales from the Tar Heels

Jimmy Black's Tales from the Tar Heels

by JIMMY BLACK with Scott Fowler

In 2006, ESPN Classic held an interactive contest to determine the greatest college basketball team of all time. The field was narrowed from 64 original teams by more than 1.25 million fan votes until only one team remained. That squad was the 1982 North Carolina Tar Heels. Until now, the entire story of that star-studded 1982 UNC team has never been revealed. Jimmy Black's Tales from the Tar Heels traces the behind-the-scenes story of a club that featured James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Matt Doherty, Black, and a freshman named Michael Jordan as its starting five. The 1981-82 Tar Heels earned head coach Dean Smith his first national championship.
Ken Rappoport: Tales from the Tar Heel Locker Room

Tales from the Tar Heel Locker Room


Tales from the Tar Heel Locker Room is a compilation of the best notes, quotes and anecdotes from North Carolina lore. In these pages, you will meet a coach nicknamed "Bloody Neck," a player called "The Blind Bomber," and a team known as the "White Phantoms." Of course, there is also Bones McKinney, one of basketball's all-time funnymen. With Bones, the Heels laughed all the way to the 1946 NCAA finals. At the end, they cried after losing. Then there is Frank McGwire, whose "Underground Railroad" carried the Tar Heels to an undefeated season and a national title in 1957. The 2005 NCAA championship run is told! And, of course, there is Smith and the extraordinary Michael Jordan.

Scott Fowler: Where Have You Gone

North Carolina Tar Heels: Where Have You Gone?


The North Carolina basketball team-with its light blue line of All-Americans and championships stretching from one end of the Dean Dome to the other-may be the most storied in college basketball history. But what happened to the players who wore Carolina blue once the cheering stopped in Chapel Hill and they went on with the rest of their lives? This book answers that question for three dozen of the most interesting players in Tar Heel basketball history. From Lennie Rosenbluth to Julius Peppers, the past 50 years of Tar Heel basketball is unfurled.
Jerseys in the Rafters DVD

Jerseys in the Rafters

It's the ultimate honor for a Tar Heel basketball player-- having your jersey raised in lasting tribute high above the Dean Smith Center floor. The Jerseys in the Rafters DVD takes you on an emotional journey through the years with the most decorated players in UNC Basketball history. Enjoy exciting highlights from their college days along with exclusive interviews from the players, their teammates and coaches. Players with retired jerseys include Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Phil Ford, Antawn Jamison and Lennie Rosenbluth. Honored players include Vince Carter, Billy Cunningham, Sam Perkins, Charlie Scott and many more!

Rick Brewer: UNC Basketball Vault

The University of North Carolina Basketball Vault: The History of the Tar Heels


In The University of North Carolina Basketball Vault: The History of the Tar Heels, former sports information department director Rick Brewer explores the incredible history of one of the best college basketball programs in the country. Along with the author's narrative, this book contains replicas of memorabilia, including a telegram from the 1957 championship season regarding All-American Lennie Rosenbluth, tickets from the 1968 and 1982 NCAA Finals, a schedule sticker from the 2004-05 championship season, a Michael Jordan postcard, and posters of The Kangaroo Kid (Billy Cunningham) and the old Tin Can. The book also details the long legacy of Dean Smith and his coaching philosophy.
Doster/Light: Game Day

Game Day: North Carolina Basketball


The numbers are impressive. Four NCAA Championships (and counting). An NCAA-record 15 Final Fours. Ten ACC and nine National Players of the Year. Dozens of All-ACC players. Thirty-five first-round NBA draft picks. But the numbers alone don't do justice to the impact that Carolina basketball continues to have on its legion of fans. What takes place within the storied confines of the Dean Smith Center is more than simply a game-- it's a way of life. Carolina All-American Eric Montross put it this way: "We are a family at Carolina. For any students, four years spent in Chapel Hill create a bond." Game Day: North Carolina Basketball is a celebration of that bond and of the decades of hoops excellence that have inspired it.
Wilton Sharpe: Tar Heel Madness

Tar Heel Madness


Year after year, the tradition-laden Tar Heels lengthen a rich hardwood legacy built by the likes of Lennie Rosenbluth, Frank McGuire, Dean Smith, Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Eric Montrose, George Lynch, Donald Williams, Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Phil Ford, Roy Williams, Sean May, Rashad McCants, and Raymond Felton. All have worn or led the Light Blue and White with enormous distinction. Tar Heel Madness captures the pulse and passion of North Carolina basketball: the great players, teams, magical moments, riveting rivals, the all-time Tar Heels team, the rosters of all five national championship squads, and more. All is told by UNC players, managers, coaches, opponents, fans, and the media.

Wes Miller: The Road to Blue Heaven

The Road to Blue Heaven

by WES MILLER with Adam Lucas, ed.

Wes Miller grew up in the shadow of the ACC, but as a high school senior, those elite programs thought he was too small and too slow, so none offered him a scholarship. He chose to attend North Carolina without a basketball scholarship. Over the next four years, Miller's hard work resulted in a starting spot as a junior, displacing more highly touted players. He began his senior year with a mission-- to chronicle all aspects of his final season in Chapel Hill. This is the story of his senior year in his own words, as he takes you inside the locker room, on the court, and behind the scenes in the most unique book ever written about one of the most famous college sports dynasties of all time-Carolina basketball.

Joe Menzer: Four Corners

Four Corners


People in North Carolina have long been convinced that nothing else in sports even approaches the excitement of college hoops in their state. If you want to major in Carolina basketball, this is certainly the primary text. Breezily written, well researched, and rich with anecdotes, Four Corners solidly surveys a remarkable sporting phenomenon: the concentrated quartet of hoop dreamers-- UNC, NCSU, Duke, and Wake Forest-- that dominates the ACC, and, for that matter, the NCAA tournament. The book tips off in the pre-ACC era of Coach Everett Case at State, and then looks at the teams and programs molded over time by such outsized presences as Frank McGuire, Dean Smith, Jim Valvano, Bones McKinney, and Mike Krzyzewski.

Alwyn Featerston: Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road


As the 2005 NCAA basketball season entered conference tournament play, three of the nation's top five rated teams were from the famed basketball hotbed in North Carolina known as "Tobacco Road." Between 1981 and 2005, teams from the four basketball powerhouses-- Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Wake Forest-- reached the Final Four nineteen times and won seven national championships. These four college programs grew up within just thirty-four miles of each other (though Wake eventually moved across the state to Winston-Salem) and have staged classic battles throughout the decades, featuring stars like David Thompson, Michael Jordan, Johnny Dawkins, and Tim Duncan, and legendary coaches such as Dean Smith, Jim Valvano, Mike Kryzewski, and Roy Williams.
John Feinstein: Last Dance

Last Dance


Feinstein, arguably the best book-length sports journalist working today, employs the 2005 Final Four weekend as the catalyst to discuss the history of the event, the key people, and, most significantly, the effect that involvement in the Final Four has had on participants' lives. The book is centered almost exclusively on the Atlantic Coast Conference and Big East Conference-- lots of North Carolina, Duke, Maryland, and Syracuse. The anecdotes are entertaining, and the insights into the tournament's logistics fascinating, but what will linger most are the remembrances of players, especially those who ended up on the losing side. This, like the best books, takes us to places we've never been and lets us feel what life there is like.

Tar Heelology Trivia Challenge Tar Heelology Trivia Challenge:
North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball

Updated with fun and interesting facts, Tar Heelology Trivia Challengeoffers Tar Heels fans the opportunity to relive North Carolina's greatest moments. Each of the book's 210 multiple-choice questions allows players to give informed answers even for the book's more ambitious questions. In addition, most answers include in-depth supportive background offering the book's players even greater knowledge about correct responses. Here are two sample questions:

• Have the Tar Heels had more than five players named ACC Player of the Year?

• Which legendary Tar Heel was known as the Kangaroo Kid?

All of this makes Tar Heelology Trivia Challenge a great gift for yourself or for friends and family.

100 Years of Carolina Basketball
A Film by UNC Tar Heel Athletics




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