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Investigator's Report on Life of John David Hurt

Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr.

Editor's Note: This biographical outline of John David Hurt was supplied to attorney Bernard Fensterwald in 1968 by an investigator on the east coast. (This investigator's identity is being withheld for privacy reasons.) It accompanied a summary of a telephone call which that investigator had with a man who identified himself as "John Hurt" at the telephone number found on Mrs. Treon's Dallas jail phone slip. The biographical outline is reproduced here exactly as it was typed at the time, with spelling errors and idiosyncratic spacing in tact. -- G.Proctor


Born May 12, 1909, River Bend, Colo.
Height 5' 4" -- Weight 140# (1954)
LLB, University of Virginia June 13, 1933
Wife, Billie G. ; clerk, Teachers Retirement Division,
State of N.C. since 1955 or possibly
Present resident;201 Hillsboro, Raleigh, N.C., Apt. 4
1967 same
1966 same
1965 same
1964 wife only listed at above address, subject gave as
address Box 454, Zebulon, N.C.
1963 wife only listed at above address; no address known
for subject.
1962 415 New Bern Ave., Raleigh, N.C.
1961 same
1960 same
1959 2711 StMary Street, Raleigh, N.C.
1958 same
1957 same
1956 address inknown
1955 204 Faircloth Street, Raleigh, N.C.
1940 9 Blount Street, Raleigh, N.C.
Employment according to subject's own resume;
1938 Jas. Green Co., Raleigh, N.C. Investigator
1942 to 1945 U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps. Special agent
1947 American Gas Co. Investigator, Reading, Pa.
1947 General Adjustment Bureau,Atlanta, Ga. Claims Adjuster
1952 Insurance Claims Service, Charleston, S.C. Accident Investigator
1953 F.T. Dupress, Raleigh, N.C. Investigator
1953 Southeast Adjustment Co., Martinsville, Va., Investigator
Additional employment according to wife's conversation with
N.C. S.B.I. Agent on July 2, 1968;
Private Investigator, Southern Florida, 1963, Ocean City Md,
date unknown; Delaware, date unknown.
Arrests; Raleigh, N.C.
July 10, 1959 Failure to stop at stop sign
July 24,*Court Order on mental cast. * 1959
Sept. 29,1961, Improper Equipment (Driver's License 850960)
April 17, 1964, Drunk P.I.
June 6, 1968, Public Intoxication and illegal possession
of tax paid liquor.
August 13, 1955, O.T.P. Arrest #5655 (charge not shown)
Arrest, Zebulon, N.C., 1964, Drunk and disorderly with
Wendell Perry.
References given by subject on job application;
George L. Warthen
George A. Isely
T. Lacy Williams
John H. AndersonJr.
W. Cary Parker
all of Raleigh, N.C.
Occupants of building where subject resides at present;
Calvin Zimmerman, owner, reportedly has Lesbian daughter of
"butch" type.
Marcola Pullen (Mrs)
Ethel Manders
Florence Dodge
Bessie W. Poole
Ila B. Powers (Mrs.)
Dorothy Vann
Intelligence reports that there have been suspected organ-
ized homosexual activities in building and a murder was
committed there about two or three years ago with homo-
sexual motive. Neighborhood is transent and run-down,
comprised mostly of commercial buildings, a bus depot,
and some rooming houses. Cuban refugees reportedly occ-
upy a nearby rooming house and another rooming house
attracts homosexuals. 201 Hillsboro, subject's building,
looks better kept than those surrounding it.

Hurt was appointed Accident Evaluator in the N.C. State
Motor Vehicles Department on January 11, 1954 at a salary
of $3,936.00 per year. A former co-worker advised that
he was highly efficient in his work and well liked until
April 1955 when he was suspected (later proven) to have
been favoring a particular adjustment firm. He admitted
the charge but denied any kick-backs and was allowed
to resign on May 2, 1955. His file was noted, "not
recommended for re-employmentdue to conduct not becom-
ing to a State official.". The correspondence relating
to this matter did not appear to reflect any great
degree of dishonesty or evidence and a co-worker in-
dicated that there was something more compelling than
that to bring about his forced resignation. She stated
that he was "sick" and that to this day she avoids him
when she sees him on the street because she doesn't like
to be embarassed. There is no record of any employment
since this incident and subject styles himself "retired".
According to his wife' statement to the S.B.I. he draws
total disability from the U.S. Government for service-
incurred arthritis. (a doubtful diagnosis to the under-
signed). Information obtained by the S.B.I. is that he
suffers from arthritis and paresis. Dr. R.L. Rollins Jr.
of a State hospital in Durham advised the S.B.I. in
confidence that the subject is manic-depressive-para-
noid, very dangerous to society, and capable and likely
to carry out threats of death or violence. Under no
circumstances should any threats he makes be taken

Hurt has made threats in recent weeks which have come to
the attention of the S.B.I. He is Secretary of the 17th
Precinct Democatic Club in Raleigh and has written
critical and scathing letters to the Governor of North
Carolina arising from the Governor's failure to visit
the 17th Precinct Club. When a Governor's Aide went to
see him to placate his ire Hurt was very critical
and denuncitory and followed with more vitriolic leters
about the Governor and the Aide. Another Aide was then sent
to see him and was told to "get out or I'll give you
both barrells of a double-barrelled shotgun". An S.B.I.
official was then sent to see him and his demeanor was
polite and docile; however when the S.B.I. official went
back a few days later because the letters to the Govern-
nor were continuing, Hurt ordered him out of the res-
idence and warned him not to come back anymore. The
contents of the letters were not exhibited to the under-
signed but envelopes were shown which bore angry
statements on the back such as, "this cannot be construed
as a threat because I'm writing it on the envelope".

The above-mentioned S.B.I. official reported in con-
fidence on July 2, 1968 that he had just that day talked
to Billie G. Hurt, subject's wife who told him that
her husband's mental condition started to deteriorate
when he was fired from his State job and that he is now
violent. She asked that she be allowed to place him in
a private mental hospital rather than to have him legally
committed to a State hospital and she was extended a
short period to time to do so. She said that he was
committed by her for observation in 1959 and legally
committed again in 1963 briefly. (see page 1 arrest
record). He was released in 1963 around the last of
October and immediately took a trip. He told her he
went to Missouri and Wish(sic) Parish, Louisiana to
visit his parents but it was her belief that he had
no relatives in either place. She thought he was gone
about ten days. She also belived that he had worked
as a Private Investigator in Florida, Delaware, and
Maryland (see page 1, employment data). The S.B.I.
source of this information indicated that he was inter-
ested in the subject's whereabouts in March, 1968 as
well as Novenber 1963.

All of the above information was obtained with assurances
that it would not be released in hearings or the press.
The arrest record is of course available to any author-
ized person and is not convered by such sommittments.
Major Goodwin, Raleigh Police Department stated that
his recollection was that recently when Vice President
was slated to visit Raleigh he had an inquiry about the
subject individual from the Secret Service.

     Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr. is a historian and former university Dean who is widely acknowledged as an expert on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He has published numerous articles, lectured extensively, and has frequently been consulted by print and broadcast media.
     While most of his work comprises analysis and interpretation of the assassination research phenomenon, he broke new ground in the investigation in the early 1980's with his work on Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged telephone call from the Dallas jail to a former military counterintelligence agent in Raleigh, N.C.
Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr.

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